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Intelligence Research is a provider of bespoke intelligence services and publisher of specialist advisory reports. The group has global coverage, with unrivalled experience in a number of specialist markets.

The five divisions that comprise the Intelligence Research group are:

  • Asia Intelligence, founded in 2000 to provide bespoke in-country intelligence services for businesses and investors in emerging Asia.
  • Courcy’s Intelligence, a business-intelligence service founded in 1934 with particular expertise in Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  • GMTL-Advisory, a specialist provider of business-intelligence services for the Middle East and Africa, with particular expertise in the defence and extractive sectors.
  • IR Science & Security, created in 2004 in close association with the UK’s Health Protection Agency, provides intelligence and risk assessments on threats that require specialist scientific knowledge to assess and understand.
  • LatinNews & LatinNews Consulting, founded in 1967, is a specialist advisory and business-intelligence service for Latin America. LatinNews publishes highly regarded advisory reports, available on subscription; LatinNews Consulting provides bespoke in-country intelligence services throughout the region.


Our Bespoke Intelligence Services

Often, answers to questions on critical issues concerning individuals, investments, and strategic decisions can best be gained only from direct access to well-informed contacts on the ground.

Through its five specialist divisions, Intelligence Research supplies information in response to specific questions posed by clients, and it obtains these answers through its global intelligence network. The network is headed by in-country affiliates who are personally known to Intelligence Research, who are tried and tested in their work, and who are well-connected, trusted, and discreet at gathering intelligence for the benefit of the commissioning client.

All Intelligence Research’s affiliates operate independently and exercise discretion in leveraging their own contacts. In order to ensure complete objectivity, they are never aware of the commissioning client’s identity nor of the identities of others in the network.

Information gathered from the network is assessed and corroborated by Intelligence Research’s in-house business-intelligence specialists to provide confidential, tailored insight to corporations, financial institutions, and governments.

While no project is ever exactly the same, the Intelligence Research methodology is broadly similar for each and comprises:

  • Discussions with the client to identify the specific project requirements.
  • Preliminary consultations with the Intelligence Research network to establish the resources required for a successful fulfilment of the requirements.
  • Submission of a proposal to the client to be followed by discussions, modifications, and formal approval.
  • The fulfilment process entails four phases:
    • Preliminary background research and expert consultations;
    • The selection and deployment of affiliates best placed to gain on-the-ground, informed views from high-level sources in relation to the client’s requirements;
    • The assessment, reconciliation, and cross-verification by our in-house business intelligence analysts of the information received from the network, and the consolidation of this intelligence into an actionable Report;
    • Submission of the Report to the client to be followed by face-to-face discussions, follow-up enquiries, and clarifications.

Client confidentiality is strictly maintained at all times. This includes any information that a client shares with Intelligence Research in respect of their business. All information obtained from or for clients is treated with absolute discretion.

Pricing & timing

Each project is priced on the basis of a line-by-line assessment of the resources required to provide a reliably-sourced, fully-assessed and verified report that answers in full the client’s needs.

A highly complex and sensitive assignment might cost up to £60,000. More usually, assignments tend to cost between £15,000 and £35,000, although a simple ‘red-flag’ check might cost as little as £3,000.

Work commences on acceptance of a Proposal and is completed and delivered within the specified number of working days. In some exceptional cases, a report can be produced within 48 hours. More usually a project will take around 20 working days.


Our Advisory Reports

In addition to bespoke in-country intelligence services, our LatinNews division publishes a series of highly regarded advisory reports. With a 50-year pedigree, these reports are considered essential reading by governments, businesses, investors, academics and all others with a serious professional interest in Latin America. Our portfolio of reports includes:

  • LatinNews Daily
  • Latin American Weekly Report
  • Latin American Economy & Business
  • Latin American Security & Strategic Review
  • Latin American Regional Reports
    • Mexico & Nafta
    • Caribbean & Central America
    • Andean Group
    • Brazil & Southern Cone

All our Latin American reports are available on subscription.

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