Intelligence Research Science and Security

IR Science & Security, created in 2004 in close association with the UK’s Health Protection Agency, provides intelligence and risk assessments on threats that require specialist scientific knowledge to assess and understand.

We have a demonstrated expertise in working with governments, NGOs, inter-governmental bodies, commercial organisations and academic institutions from around the globe to assess threats from all sources. Through our work as a part of various international consortia, we understand both the opportunities and the challenges of working with different types of organisation at the very highest level.

Our work has allowed us to build up an unrivalled network of experts in the field of Science & Security, which we are able to leverage to produce actionable intelligence reports, addressing the urgent questions our clients need answering.

We have a wide range of expertise not limited to, but including:

  • Risks surrounding the food chain and food-chain logistics. This includes understanding the different risks in various regions and countries; assessing the risk of fraudulent behaviour; counterparty investigation; and understanding the resilience of a country or region, and the ability of its systems to detect and respond to emerging threats to the food chain.
  • Risks to agri-business, particularly but not solely where this intersects with the human food chain.
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) issues, particularly issues surrounding early alerting and response to an outbreak.
  • Threats to human health from emerging and re-emerging diseases; understanding these risks is critical for companies with personnel around the world, especially when they are in developing regions. Failure to understand these risks can be hugely costly.