corporate intelligence


Intelligence Research’s bespoke intelligence service provides answers to questions on critical issues concerning individuals, investments and strategic decisions that can only be obtained from direct access to well informed contacts on the ground. Intelligence Research obtains answers to these questions through its regional in-country network of sources, contacts, and affiliates, backed up by a team of in-house country specialists, external experts, and open-source researchers.


Market Entry Assessments

Intelligence Research has particular expertise in identifying and assessing new business opportunities. Initial ‘desk-top’ research, carried out by our experienced, multi-lingual, researchers, is just the starting point for exhaustive in-country enquiries, focusing on issues such as market size, competition, regulatory matters, and risk. The end result is a highly detailed and fully assessed report for top-level executive decision-making.

Special Situation Assessments

When the unexpected happens in an unfamiliar environment it can be difficult for even the most-experienced executives to understand all the underlying forces that may be at work – and to find a way through the difficulties. Intelligence Research has a wealth of experience in unravelling such complexities, including legal and regulatory difficulties, new commercial challenges, and unforeseen risk factors.

Due Diligence

Whether seeking a long-term partner, assessing an investment opportunity, or researching a counter party for a one-off transaction, reliable due diligence is essential. The record, reputation, and commercial/political connections of any potential partner in an unfamiliar country can be almost impossible to tease out without the help of discreet in-country enquiries. Intelligence Research specialises in such enquiries, carried out by our own trusted, experienced, and well-connected enquiry agents. Our reports provide clients with all the information they need for informed – and confident – decision-making.

Power & Influence Mapping

Every country, and every sector within every country, is subject to influential forces that are not always easy for the outsider to discern. But whether these forces are coming from politics, trades unions, the military, foreign powers, or business competitors it is essential to understand them. We specialise in the ‘mapping’ of stakeholder connections and influences using a combination of expert desktop research and in-country validation through interviews with key stakeholders. The end result is a detailed guide to help clients better understand all the influences that could affect their business or other interests.

Asset Tracing

Intelligence Research conducts some of the most complex international asset searches identifying millions of dollars in sovereign asset search investigations. We work on behalf of those seeking to enforce legal judgments awarding financial damages or seeking the return of funds misappropriated by corrupt government officials, we identify missing, unknown or hidden assets.


Some situations are fluid and subject to regular change. They need constant monitoring. For such situations, Intelligence Research can provide a detailed ‘baseline’ report of all the key factors at work followed up with regular monitoring of all the moving parts. Our trusted in-country sources keep a watching brief and conduct new lines of enquiry according to changing needs or circumstances. Reporting can be monthly, weekly, of even daily, depending on the urgency and importance of any development.